Apple TV Di Rumah

Ukuran Size Apple TVApple TVAwal nya iseng nanya-nanya di iBox lalu browsing sedikit dan memutuskan langsung beli, tadi nya saya niat akan pakai di TV kamar, namun Apple TV (generasi 3) sekarang terpasang di TV utama dan lebih sering di pakai oleh kedua anak balita saya.

Apple TV terhubung ke Wi-Fi rumah dan memungkinkan TV rumah terhubung ke Internet, namun yang membedakan dengan Internet TV biasa, adalah akses ke koleksi iTunes store yang lengkap untuk menikmati nya di layar besar TV kita.

Satu hal yg saya harapkan bisa dilakukan Apple TV namun tidak bisa adalah air play, yaitu streaming DVD dari komputer rumah (iMac) saya agar bisa menikmati nya di TV besar, nonton film di layar iMac lumayan enak, tapi ada kala nya ingin menikmati nya di TV besar sambil tiduran di sofa kan (tetap nggak bisa mengeliminasi DVD player nya TV jadi nya).

Parahnya pula, untuk menonton film di TV kita dengan Apple TV, film nya mesti dibeli/disewa via iTunes store di Apple TV nya! Saya mencoba memutar video musik air play ke Apple TV nggak bisa, juga sudah mencoba play DVD original di iMac, pun juga tidak bisa di streaming ke TV via Apple TV (mirroring layar iMac ke TV lancar, tapi video nya di block).
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ESET CyberSecurity for Mac Issues

Having been a Microsoft Windows user for years (until now actually), I didn’t like the idea of having an antivirus as optional for my new MacBook Air. Mac OS is a more secure platform (than MS Windows) today, but that doesn’t mean it is free from security threat. That’s why one of the first applications that I installed to my Mac is an antivirus, and I picked ESET CyberSecurity for Mac for ESET good reputation.

Here’s when the problems started, applications hang very frequently, shutting down takes around two minutes (that is way too long for a newly 4 GB DDR3 Memory, Intel i5 MacBook Air with SSD Storage), at first I didn’t realized some issues that I experienced on my Mac was caused by the ESET antivirus, for around two weeks having the issues, I really disappointed with the overall performance of Mac OS Lion on my MacBook Air.

However, having read end-user reviews on the new MacBook Air, everywhere I read it was totally different stories, most people are very satisfied with the performance, so then I started to look at another possibilities, one of them is conflict from certain application, especially those came from outside the App Store, my first guess is the ESET antivirus as it has a deep relation with the overall system, googling it a little, I was getting more sure that I was correct, several people have the exact same issues.

As a reputable company, I am sure ESET will have it fixed (fyi, it was version 4.0.73 installed on my Mac), but as you may have guessed, I didn’t wish to wait, I wanted it to be uninstalled immediately, but too bad I didn’t know how to uninstalled it at that time, it might sounds silly, but hey.. all this time I am a Microsoft Windows user, so I’m still learning how to get around on Mac OS environment.

It turns out, the steps are very simple. Just execute the installer file and voila there the uninstall button, below I insert the images on uninstalling direction from a very complete ESET knowledge base Web Support:

Step 1:

Step 2:

And now my MacBook Air runs very smoothly, and I think I’ll just leave my it runs without any antivirus for the moment. However, I still do curious on finding the best antivirus for my Mac, do you have any suggestions?